My Story

Over 7 years ago I was still on a journey as a solo artist.  I had already released a self titled E.P. and found myself starting another project called “Turn On The Light”.  I had finished recording the 5 song E.P. and had 2 songs pushed to radio.  I was honored to have radio stations playing Coming One and Turn On The Light.  With some success and trying to move forward I found myself asking God if He had anything else for my life.  His answer to me was “You need to really mean the prayer you are praying and accept any answer I give”.  I knew that this meant if God had other plans for my life other than being a Christian Artist, that I needed to be more that just open to the idea but obedient to His plan.  I finally got to the place of surrender.  Shortly after that I found God calling my wife, Heidi, and I to move from our home to take a position at a church as the full time Worship Pastor and Youth Pastor.

Here we are over 7 years later and we now have 2 awesome boys, Jonah (6) and Micah (4).  Throw that all together and you have a busy life. Even with all that there is to juggle, I still find a deep desire to share the music that God is inspiring in my life. When I am able, I continue writing new songs and even songs of worship.

Even though I am not traveling from church to church anymore, I have found that God never took from me the desire to write songs and even play concerts.  Sometimes you think God will take your dream and vision and stomp all over it and what I found is that God put me in a place where I can have the best of all worlds (Being a husband, dad, worship leader, and still being a singer / songwriter.  There is great joy and peace when we obey and follow His leading even when it is not part of our plan.

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