WoodWorking? Keene What are you doing?

Well it all started when I decided to cut up my Baby Grand Piano!!  Yep it’s true.  I took a new job that moved us to Illinois and when we got here I had a piano technician look at our antique baby grand to see if it could be fixed.  His words were “you’d be better off to buy another for the price you’d have to pay to get the piano to play right”.  Well that settled the question and so I was trying to offload the piano to another buyer when I felt God saying no don’t do it.  I told God “ok but if I don’t sell this piano I am gonna cut it up and make something out of it”.  And that is what I did.

img_3390.jpg  28397B63-7F09-4093-A013-7F80C7B80143

I went and got myself a cheap circular saw and started the dismantling process.  What a cool experience it was to see the hidden secrets of the old instrument revealed as I made my cuts.  Little did I know that it would end up becoming more than just a project.  God started a fire of creativity in me to repurpose what use to be into something that could be.  Wow isn’t that how salvation works?  God takes our old selves and cuts and carves and washes and stains and sands and glues and any other process you can think of to take our former sinful self and transform it to something beautiful and useful for His Kingdom.  I am by no means a master wood worker but I love repurposing what others would throw away and finding it’s potential for something new and awesome.




I have started a side business called Keene Wood Designkeene-wood-designs-official-logo-white.png and currently do smaller projects and commissioned work.  Not sure where God is going to take this but I am enjoying the process.  Follow me on my Facebook Page KeeneWoodDesign and on Instagram under that same name.  Here you will see what I am up to other than music and if you like what you see, share it with a friend.

Quick thought for the end…..  How are you letting God mold and shape your life?  Are you wanting repurposed for His Kingdom?  He wants you and knows you’re a masterpiece.


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