Fortune out of Misfortune…..

So we are on vacation 13 hours away from home. The last thing you want is a tire that has issues. Knowing we are headed home in a few days I needed a place to get the tire fixed. 

Thanks to modern technology you can take out the handy-dandy smart phone and start looking for tire repair near me.

Now we’re not near any large city so you find these little small town places and you’re  just not sure what to think of them but hey what choice do you have

I find a place called D&H tire repair in a small town called Coden. I pull up to a small shop that for sure has seen better days, full of cars and trucks out front and very little place to park.  

I quickly meet the owner Dave and they start working on my car. Of course I told him the wrong tire by accident so they take the wrong tire off inspect it and then I realized that it was the other tire so they had to put that one back on and take the other one off. I can only imagine what they were thinking at that point haha. Boy did I feel stupid. 

While our tire was being worked on, I started up a conversation with Dave. He was working on this old red jeep that looked older than myself. I told him that I thought it was a really cool jeep. He said yeah he was fixing it up for a guy that was going to sell it.  I was trying to make small talk wondering if this conversation could turn into a God talk. 

The more we made small talk about cars, engines, RVs, camping, I started to learn about his life story.  I just came out and asked him if he went to church anywhere and much to my surprise this is what he had to say. 

Now before I say anything about church, know this post is not about church denominations. 

I happen to work in the Nazarene denomination and as I listen to a story I was very surprised to find out that he has connections to the Nazarene church.  We continued to make small talk and I told him that my wife and I were originally from Michigan. He said he was from Akron Ohio which wasn’t far from Michigan. His story unfolded as he told me his father Pastored a Nazarene church in Canton Ohio for many years and ended up retiring there.

Now Dave shared with me some very colorful stories along with some language that some might think is not Christian like.  I wasn’t about to judge whether he knew God or didn’t know God. I just listened. 

He shared enough for me to believe he knows what to do to be saved and I knew I didn’t need to share that again with him. Instead I think God used this moment for another purpose. Maybe Dave needed to run into a fellow “Nazarene”. Maybe Dave needed a nudge to get back into church. Maybe Dave needed to be reminded of what he had learned as a child. I don’t know but what I believe is that God uses all things for the good of those who love Him. 

Dave took good care of me today. We had a great conversation and we found our worlds are smaller than we thought.  

God calls us to love people where they are at. God calls us to be available. It would have been easy to not make conversation and just get my tire fixed and leave. I am on vacation so I don’t have to think about sharing Jesus with anyone right?…..  no that would have been a missed opportunity to connect with Dave. 

Like I said, I don’t know what God has done or is going to do through this but I believe it was no coincidence that Dave and I met and were able to talk.

It was an unfortunate event getting a screw in my tire but if that is what it took to cross paths with Dave, then it was a fortunate event. 

Remember this…  God can use all things to bring Him glory and God wastes nothing. 

Be Encouraged


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