Do You Clean Toilets

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I hold a couple different roles on a church staff. I run out music department and am also the youth pastor. I am now in year  number 6 of being on staff and it is a joy to work at our church. I would like to consider myself a leader and looking back to when I first started to now looking at the present, I see in myself growth and maturity. This may sound like I am proud but really it is being more grateful that I haven’t stayed where I started.

There is a question though…. I might have had qualities that would fit the description wanted and needed for the job but was I a leader?

There is an assumption that if you hold a position of leadership that you are automatically a leader and that simply is not true.  Too many times there are people that are promoted or hired on to a role that would require being a leader but they just aren’t there yet or will never be by choice.

I would say I had some leadership qualities when I first started but I wouldn’t say I was the best leader and I have so far to go.  In fact a good leader is always willing to learn and change for the better.

We will have ups and downs and moments of being humbled.  When we get to the point where we are more important than the people that we have on our team, then we have broken the connection of being effective in what we do.

There is a powerful statement that I have come across..

#1  YOU don’t get to decide if you’re a leader!  The people you are trying to lead actually make that decision!!

If you cannot motivate and help your team to come on board to your vision then you are simply going for a walk by yourself.

Jesus gives us several examples of how to be an effective leader. It all starts with servanthood. If you are unwilling to humble yourself to serve your team then don’t expect them to come along side you with great support.

Jesus, the Son of God, took on the role of a servant and was willing to be in the lowest position  and serve so that others would catch on to the LOVE that he was trying to communicate and share.

Are you willing to take on the role as a servant even though you hold a “leadership” position?  Are you willing to do something that you think is below your paygrade?

When was the last time you saw something that needed to be done and said to yourself “that’s not my job”. If Jesus were with you would that have changed your response.

Are you willing to clean a toilet?  Are you willing to let others interrupt your schedule?  Are you willing to step out of your bubble that others will be touched by you serving them?

You will only lead if you first serve.

Let’s learn this together.

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