Bundle Of Hope Project Coming Soon!! Going Into Studio This March. Need Your Help.

God is working in ways I do not know.
There is an opportunity that I get to be a part of where I believe that God is going to touch a lot of people’s lives.

I was asked to write a song for a book that was being written about Kimberly Burns testimony of her walk in faith in Jesus. It is a powerful testimony that has already touched many and I believe will continue to do so. I was honored that I was asked to be a part of this project.

I will be going into the studio in March to lay down a new track for this project. Could you please pray specifically for all of us involved in these ways.

1. That the song recorded will be at its best and that Jake and I will be able to capture the song in the way needed so as to reach others for Jesus the best way possible.
2. That God would provide for us in ways that are needed for the project to be completed. Yes I am talking money, having the right people in place, having our hearts aligned with the direction that God will take this project.

Your prayers and support mean more than you know.
Thank you for lifting this new project up in prayer to our Lord Jesus and thank you for being obedient to Him in what He asks of you.


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